>> Article about Transcyberian in Dazed Digital (2017)
The purpose of TransCyberian is to create Temporary Autonomous Zones where people gather to enjoy and share both music and code. It puts together two worlds we love – noise music and crypto/hacker culture. To make nerds dance a bit is nice for their bodies and hearts, to make party people learn more about crypto and code is good for their privacy.

TransCyberian is a new format of event. It combines traditional “cryptoparties” [events where you can learn about protection of your communications online, and not only...] and contemporary noise and experimental electronic music [with a specific decentralized approach to production and distribution of music]. TransCyberian is always free or donation-based. We try to make cyber and noise cultures accessible.

Who is transcyberien for?
For every creature regardless of the self identification, regardless of the level of ‘expertise’ in crypto, arts, dancing or music. TransCyberian is a safe space and harassment free zone, that respects the cryptoparty golden rule:


We welcome refugees of all countries, as well as LGBTQI+ people. The TC team is also non-binary and multinational.

In TRANSCYBERIAN >> trans << stays for transgression of borders, genders and genres; >> cyber << defines the cyberculture and all the freedom it gives us.

TransCyberian brings some ‘fun’ into cryptography: it aims to attract folks who think crypto is hard and boring. We run a cryptobar and propose you to discover basic concepts and tools while you drink and chat with us.

TransCyberian shows that music can also be a tool of obfuscation and can deliver strong political messages. We chose our artists based on their approach to composing, performing and distributing their music: going out of mainstream centralized circuits, experimenting with DIY instruments, livecoding music, using unexpected, new, curious paths to generate sound and work with the textures.
Music and crypto? Wow! But why?
Noise is a practice of risk in music, it is a protest against the hegemony of ‘western’ harmony, that has been dominating the world for so many centuries, deciding on what is a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ tone. Harmony is an ideology – during history of our civilization a class of people was always deciding about the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in music: in the Middle Ages it was the Church, who banned everything chromatic and atonal as ‘satanic’. Later it was the court, the kings and stuff like that, they have been filtering and purifying harmonies to domesticate them and make them pleasant for the high society…

Noise is the liberation of the Sound as the prime matter of music.

Noise is the quantum music – where music exists as a wave, not as a particle; as a borderless flow, not as a fixed and objectified identity.
Why noise?
Re-decentralize the internets, re-decentralize culture, re-decentralize society!

The internets should be re-decetralized! So should be our societies. We delegate too much power to centralized players, as google, amazon, apple, microsoft, facebook and so on. But also our favorite encrypted apps like Signal or Wire are unfortunately centralized…

Decentralized (federated or distributed) systems mean giving less power to intermediaries and more freedom and power to the people.

Decentralized services nowadays may seem less user-friendly compared to google or other mainstream centralized services, but it is precisely a motivation for us – learn how they work. Learn to set up our own mail servers or XMPP servers, learn to run relays, learn to be autonomous, independent.

It is the first step to building new societies.

What is the goal of TransCyberian?
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