Location: c-base
Rungestraße 20 - 10179 Berlin

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Transcyberian is a series of club, queer, and nerd friendly events featuring futuristic, crypto, and activism workshops, talks and DJs. Transcyberian is a hybrid concept inspired by CryptoParty. Our events are LGBTQI+-friendly. As we want everyone to be welcome, there is no entrance fee at our events – however if you can afford a donation, it would be much appreciated.

Taking photos or filming is not permitted. Please leave the cameras in your pockets.
Save the date! Transcyberian is coming back to Berlin.
July 13th, 2019 - c-base
Looking for our Code of Conduct? We have a Code of Rights and Empowerment.
Jos Poortvliet - Nextcloud for beginners
Bring the food you want to eat and share!
Jens Kubieziel - The Zwiebelfreunde raid
Katharina Nocun - Was speichert Amazon über seine Nutzer? (talk in German)
Sofía Celi - Support Ola Bini!
Julian Oliver - Server infrastructure for Global Rebellion
Dancefloor & Lounge
Contact: transcyberian at maryshi dot ro
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Talks & workshops will be in English, accessible with no background knowledge
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At CryptoParties you can learn how to protect yourself in digital spaces. Topics covered include everything from encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones. Bring your laptop!


There's no cloud, there's just other people's computers! In the era of Google Drive, Dropbox & co., storing your data online has never been easier. However, the simplicity of those tools comes at great cost: your privacy. Learn how to get away from the public cloud and host your own cloud to store and share your files, collaborate, and more! Bring your laptop!


Jens is a member of the board of Zwiebelfreunde e.V., which operates Tor servers and other anonymization technology. In 2018 his house was searched by the German police as a consequence of his position at Zwiebelfreunde. In his talk, he will discuss his experiences, and what we can learn from them.


Katharina Nocun is a civil rights activist, net activist and economist. In 2018, she published the book "Die Daten, die ich rief" about data collection by states and corporations. She will provide valuable insights into what Amazon does with our data. (Talk in German)


Ola Bini, privacy advocate and free software developer, was detained as a political prisoner in Ecuador in April. While he was released two months later, the case is still ongoing. Sofia will talk about Ola's case and its latest updates.


In this talk Julian will outline his work as a systems and security architect for the climate and environmental defense movement Extinction Rebellion. Responsible for 20 server deployments in 8 months, including a community hub spanning dozens of national teams (some of which operate in extremely hostile
conditions), he will show why community-owned free and open source infrastructure is mission-critical for the growth, success and safety of global civil disobedience movements.